Set A Readers

These are for children who are now starting to read. They begin by learning the sounds individual letters of the alphabet make in Book 1. Then, they learn to blend sounds together to pronounce two-letter words in Book 2. Next, they read some of these words in book 3 using picture clues while sight words are slowly introduced. Book 4 takes them one step further as they learn to blend three-letter words. Once this has been completed, they use these words, the two-letter words and a few more sight words to read simple phrases.

Set B Readers

This set focuses on some words ending with /s/ as in /z/. The first book, "We Love Eggs", introduces some words such as; is, his, as, has and eggs. Children are given the opportunity in Book 2 to decode three-letter words. Book 3 allows them to read multiple-meaning words in sentences comprising a few new words including the word /loves/ and words from the first two books. "We Love Hats", introduces children to colours and a few new words including the word /hers/. Azzy's Favourite Toy is the last book in this set.

Set C Readers

This set focuses on some words ending with long vowel sounds. Therefore, book one introduces children to long and short vowel sounds. The second book introduces two-letter words ending with long vowel sounds. Books 3 and 4 give children the opportunity to practice these words. The last book in the series takes children a step further, as they learn to pronounce four-letter words they will encounter in Set D.

Set D Readers

This set focuses on allowing children to read simple stories with the introduction of a few new words per book. In total , your child will learn over one hundred and fifty words when the entire series is completed.

Preschool Kit